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Live Chat Solutions

  We are the market leader in intelligent online customer engagement.
Featuring real-time analytics for real-time action, we help you create deeper customer connections to optimize your online marketing, sales and support experience.

  We believe that success is driven primarily by human connections between employees, partners, and of course, each individual customer. Our mission is to help companies create deeper connections with their customers, and our investment in real-time analytics, metrics and our world-class platform makes this possible at scale.

  We can provide great business solutions for your company to achieve your customer satisfaction. With F Q A   system we can get your answer to any of your customer questions easily and effectively. And this will be with our live chat system and our representative will answer your customer right away and give him the aid he needs to deal with your site.


  All this is additional to total track to your site you will be able to know who logged in and when and what he have did and also had or not he had any troubles dealing with your site, Whatever was the size of your business From the largest global enterprises to one-person businesses, our customers trust us to deliver increased sales conversions, higher order values and lower support costs.


We can provide to you the following:-

–        Software live technical support

–        Website software

–        Live chat real time

–        Tracking desktop

–        Sharing intelligent engagement faq’s

–        Customer service solutions

–        Live chat software email management

–        Website monitoring

–        Live chat software

–        Website analytics


 We will give you a package due to your business size and your needs.

You will provide us with your data required for our FAQ system and we will deal with your customers quickly and effectively.


for small and medium business

Basic chat and intelligence features for businesses with low site traffic and limited agent resources, includes:-

–          See who’s on your site

–          Geo location

–          Referral path to site

–          Agent Alerts to flag valued shoppers, visitors, chatters

–          Gain intelligence on visitor behavior


Plus, sophisticated monitoring reveals:

–          Click-through data

–          Time on page

–          Page preview

–          Capture visitor sessions


Do not waste more time, take your decision and let us help increasing your sales and satisfy as much as possible from customers.

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