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Business Solutions

One interesting thing about our company is the fact that we have many different services that pertains to several important areas of any business. If you were to look at it, we are like six companies formed into one company because of the types of services that we offer. The main fact is, when you do business with us, you don’t have to go to any other company. We have more than enough services at affordable prices, and the best part is “We’re here for you.”

Our policy is very simple. If you fail, we fail. Another fact is, we don’t program ourselves to fail and neither should you. One unique thing about us is we never take on a job unless it makes business sense to us. In other words, if your business idea don’t make sense to us. We will not take your money to develop it.

Why? One word… “Integrity.” We prefer clients say that we help them to be successful than for any client to say that we took their money and never delivered. So if your business ideas don’t make sense to us, we simply walk away… or help you develop a better idea that will help you to become successful.

Although we cannot guarantee success (life itself isn’t guaranteed), having us on your team is far better than taking a risk hiring another company, or in fair comparison, six different companies. We do business up front and we are one of the few companies that “tell you like it is.”

Why? We don’t believe in false hope. There are many companies out there giving false hope and telling lies just to take money from people. We will NOT join that crowd, so we are always up front in our advice to all our clients. Because of this method, MOST of clients keep coming back to us. So to simplify, “HONESTY IS OUR ONLY POLICY.”

We can help you at:-

Online Marketing – Looking for the right company to do your online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns? Look no further. Our offers competitive cost efficient and effective online marketing that you business needs.

We can do many types of marketing to get your traffic:

–          Search Engine Marketing

–          Pay Per Click Management

–          Search Engine Submissions

–          Search Engine Optimization

–          Social Network Marketing

–          Directory Submission

–          Article Submission

Virtual Sales    Our virtual sales person can help you increase revenue while you maintain a low overhead. We take care of all the expenses from our end. Expenses for a sales person would normally include: phone, computer, internet, gas, etc.

We take the hassle out of hiring and training a sales team.

Some of the services that our virtual sales team will provide are:

–          Call Answering

–          Translation Services

–          Customer Relationship

–          Order Taking & Processing

Setup, Training and Installation– this includes setting up a new software, installing it. Providing one-on-one training of the software to the owners or principals, performing Data File Surveys and Analysis.
Training (one-on-one)– this includes one-on-one training of small business owners and office managers on the daily tasks. It is training for the beginning user who has little experience with the software.

Data Entry – this includes straight-forward data entry, such as simple data transfer manually of lists and other records. Data entry will be performed by the data entry clerk.

Remote Access – this involves a staff member accessing the client’s workstation over the Internet to either resolve issues or perform training.  This is performed at a rate of hourly cost regardless of the staff member performing the work, or the type of support provided.

Conference/ Event organization – The organization of an event is a perfect marketing move which does not require a lot of expenses but it meets with great response. Let us do it for you – our team of experienced experts on event organizing will be glad to arrange the perfect event which you will be very proud of. Let your employees do their work while we will take care of every detail in the organization of your event – everything from the outline to the realization. We will save you time, unnecessary worries and, above all, we will satisfy your wishes and needs.