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About US

  • Our company was established in 2008 under the name of the ORIX Group before it merged with a group of training centers and other company specializing in project management of the different markets that have the name of this new entity is SYStemna ,That is the release of this new entity is officially in early 2011
  • SYStemna is a medium sized organization with an ambitious plan of providing high quality websites and developing Mobility Solutions.
  • SYStemna never had any share in the software segment. However in the year 2009 the company added up its Software Development Division for Web Application Development. The company hired industry professionals, trained new software engineers, invested into research and development. This research and development outcomes made the company policies for software development, marketing, and further growth. The company was focused into Web Application Development and in these period won contracts with major companies in manufacturing and services sector and started exports in August 2009.
  • The core group at SYStemna .continuous marketing effort landed them into the global market in the year 2009.
  • Our Clients wanted master crafted web application products and ontime customer support. They got it and we both grew together. Best part of the story is today we have not only got the contracts for development but we are maintaining the applications for our clients..
  • SYStemna is a pioneer company in MEA region, specialized in delivering Offshore, Mobility solutions , Web Application Development and Mobile application.
  • SYStemna holds many mutual projects with Mobile Manufactures like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc.. In MEA region.
  • We listen, we learn and we act accordingly. On time and on budget, individually tailored activity programmes are precisely targeted and carefully managed to create maximum impact on the target audience..
  • Let us take the pride to tell you that – We are one of a kind. We will understand your goals and aspirations and are confident that we will take you just that one step further. There are no limits.

SYStemna foundation has been built by a strong team of industry professionals with three decades of  combined experience in mobile technology and solutions. SYStemna operates out of two strategically placed locations in MEA region. The core focus of SYStemna is on building world class products and innovative solutions for a rapidly expanding global Mobile Computing market. SYStemna primarily focuses in the following areas of expertise:

Intellectual Property Building and Licensing

SYStemna offers a cross-platform mobile management suite as part of its intellectual property offerings. SYStemna will be offering its intellectual property to the global market by target marketing individuals, corporate  users, specific market niches such as Parents, Doctors etc. SYStemna also intends to license its intellectual property for use on a larger scale by Operators, OEMs and ODMs.

Product Conceptualization and Realization through SYStemna Framework and Platforms

To shorten development cycles and enable its customers to provide first class mobile software products to end users, SYStemna offers a comprehensive portfolio of mobile and server software components in the form of platforms and frameworks which are platform agnostic and can be assembled in flexible, tailor made combinations with or without reference to existing software designs.

SYStemna Platform Agnostic licensed components include

                Libraries for data synchronization between mobile devices and remote server   

                Libraries for developing telephony and messaging applications   

                Event based Multimedia content delivery platform, includes video and audio.

Solutions level reference architectures available for following application areas

                Integrating Enterprise Mobility application with Mobile Phones/PDAs

                Healthcare Mobility for Home Care and Nursing Care

                Mobile Advertising and Promotions